Xbox live slow no updating games

Posted by / 11-Dec-2018 17:05

It's pretty poor to be honest with these issues effecting such a large number of players especially within the early access days.Well I've given up on gears 4 the connections are laggy when u get a match and the matchmaking takes forever.We have also been kicked out of Horde while playing co-op.I thought the whole point of a BETA was to iron out all these issues?A bit of communication to your customers would be appreciated guys!!Before beginning any game installation, it is highly recommended that you check for and install any console updates available.I've already beat the campaign on hardcore while waiting for the online services to be fixed and I guess I'll waste some more time playing insane today... I was able to host a Horde match and play with him but we got the game for the story and neither of us wants to start it solo if this will be fixed soon.Please let me know what we can do to try and troubleshoot because I already updated everything and restarted twice to no avail.

Been stuck at work past 8 hours and was hoping to get home soon to play, but it looks like another waste of time tonight.

Trying to load another match and it's the same error message each time.

It takes long enough to load up a game as it is without being put back to the main screen every time.

On a 50 Mbps connection, the download can take about two and a half hours.

Make sure the installation is complete before attempting to launch or play the game.

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