Who is chris harrison dating

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Who is chris harrison dating

"People never know how to define women who were on the scene at that time," she says.

Sir Mick, meanwhile, may not appreciate her observation that for anyone who worked for the Stones, part of the contract should have read "must sleep with Mick whenever he asks". The Beatles also had an unpleasant side, even Harrison, whom she knew best.

When Harrison tired of her presence, she simply rang up Mr Clapton and went to stay at his place. After the Beatles broke up, she worked for the Rolling Stones, joining them for their infamous 1972 tour.

Richards, we learn, was "extraordinarily sensitive to people's feelings" while Jagger exercised a droit de seigneur with all female staff.

And people didn't know how to respond." But she persevered.

When Harrison asked her to come and work for him in Friary Park, the pile he had just bought in Henley, she suddenly found herself "on the inside".

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"I think there was [a nasty side] to all four of them.