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You should always start your Rails upgrade by reading the Rails Upgrade Guide.The upgrade guide will walk you through most of the major changes between Rails versions.That's like saying "give me the newest versions of all gems from all available sources" without knowing the effects beforehand.It can be a Pandora's Box of trouble if you aren't careful, especially 'bundle update'." The solution to this problem causer is to update gems one at a time, and run tests.For the first time use, we will add the create and default switches.

And if you want to understand the Rails 4.2 changes more deeply, read the release notes.If you are looking for a Ruby on Rails Tutorial, go Rails Apps, where you can truly begin at the beginning and learn your way to deploy with confidence. The ones that are still on Rails 4.0, or even 3.2, because you didn’t feel like dragging them kicking and screaming into the future?If you upgrade in steps, they’ll tell you exactly what will break and how to prevent it.If you jump too far, your app will just plain break, and you’ll have no idea why.

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At this point, I personally like to close that terminal window and open a new one, and watch the rvm magic show itself as it recognizes the new gemset.

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