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Updating launcher

Instead, an error message will be displayed, rather than your accounts simply vanishing from the list.

Pilots will also benefit from a few new UX improvements, including a loading indicator before the login window appears, and an improved progress bar when starting clients.

See the Administrator Settings section for instructions on how to run as Administrator. Please exit and restart the SWTOR Launcher.” (Streaming Only) Restart the Launcher.

If you receive the same error again, contact customer support. Please contact customer support with this error number.

In a default installation these files can be found here: I. Some anti-virus software will cause the Launcher not to be able to update itself.It will correct the file permissions and apply any existing game updates. You do not need to run the launcher itself after the installation is complete. Login at to play, if there are any new game updates they will automatically be applied next time you play the game.I just installed the Epic Games installer from the website so that i can install Fortnite on my Mac, but I literally cannot even open the app.Every time I launch it, it either crashes immediately and shows an UE4 crash report, or it just says "Downloading Update," but says 0 bytes out of 0 bytes at 0 bytes per second.I can't even open the app to install the game or even log in.

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We’re happy to announce that a few changes will be coming to the EVE Online Launcher tomorrow, after completion of significant revisions to the codebase for the launcher’s UI.

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