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Meanwhile, Sam Seaborn (Rob Lowe), the trouble-prone deputy communications director, unknowingly spends the night with a call girl (Lisa Edelstein) and then makes another critical error during a children's White House tour. C., five members of the White House staff rush to the west wing for a meeting. Excellence in Production Design for a Television Series Episode of a Single-Camera Series Win for Jon Hutman Tony Fanning Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Movies of the Week/Mini-Series'/Pilot Nomination for Thomas Del Ruth, A. It received the script in January 1998, just as the Monica Lewinsky scandal was exploding.

Authoritative Chief of Staff Leo Mc Garry, tireless Press Secretary C. Cregg, high-profile Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman, sleepless Communications Director Toby Ziegler and womanizing Deputy Communications Director Sam Seaborn, who all worked diligently to get the President elected, convene to talk about two crises: Hundreds of Cubans are on their way across the Atlantic Ocean in search of freedom; and klutzy President of the United States Josiah Bartlet accidentally sprained his ankle riding a bicycle into a tree. "There was some justifiable concern over the political climate and whether this show would pass 'the snicker test.' Would anybody be able to take a show about the president and his senior staff seriously, given what was going on with the actual president and his senior staff?

He also wrapped up a seven-season stint as Alicia Florrick’s lawyerly frenemy on CBS legal drama “The Good Wife” in 2016. "Having to (give tours) on a regular basis, and frankly not knowing if that room was named after Teddy Roosevelt or Franklin Roosevelt I mean, I'm pathetic, I haven't gotten caught yet, but I've made up a few things." - "As hard as it may be to believe, that happened because of thirtysomething," Walden says of his West Wing creation."I didn't know Aaron [Sorkin, the creator and executive producer of The West Wing], but he had been such a thirtysomething fan that when he sold Sports Night, he called and asked me to score it."I must tell you my wife warned me that it was coming off as homophobic.And nearly every time I don't listen to her, I get in trouble for it," he said.

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Sam (Rob Lowe) spends the night with a woman (Lisa Edelstein) he met in a bar; Josh (Bradley Whitford) is in hot water because of something he said on TV; Bartlet (Martin Sheen) deals with a religious group. Scene Stealer Win "It wasn't my intention to paint the entire religious right with one brush, ...

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