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It is beyond the scope of this article to provide an exhaustive overview of parsing XML documents in PHP.However, I look at the basics of loading an XML document in PHP.The language is defined with the use of markup tags, much like Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).XML has gained in popularity in recent years because it represents the best of two worlds: It is easily readable by humans and computers alike.The purpose of XML validation is to catch exactly those kinds of errors.

Because that's fairly useless, you look at another option. This function accepts a Boolean as its only parameter. Then it uses the all-too-familiar switch statement to determine the error level and craft an error message appropriate to that level.

Continue adding to the PHP code in Listing 3 by inserting some simple validation code, as in Listing 4. Now, deploy the PHP code from Listing 3 to your own PHP server.

Call it because that is the name given in Listings 3 and 4.

If you set it to true, then that means that you are disabling the libxml error reporting and fetching the errors on your own. Of course, that means that you have to write a bit more code. When the level is determined, the code produces a string that reports the appropriate level. First, the error object is examined to determine whether or not a property is appended to the error message so the user can see exactly where in the XML file the error occurred.

But the trade-off is more specific error reporting. Needless to say, this is extremely important for debugging purposes. Obviously, that presents problems if you're looking for a fresh set of errors.

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