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Posted by / 13-Jun-2019 02:21

Tfs workspace not updating

The workspace also contains the hostname of the computer that the workspace is associated with and there is room for you to give your workspace a comment (a good idea when you have multiple workspaces so you can remind yourself what they are for).

A workspace also contains the working folder mappings – the links between your computer’s hard drive and the TFS version control repository.

I can highlight the workspace, click edit then inspect the server and local paths. I was previously able to resolve this issue by deleting the workspace and re-creating, but that means I have to reimplement the code changes I was working on.

Build templates enable you to start with a good base template for your application type.

This is a fantastic new ability for managing work in an organization with more than just a couple of teams.

To enable it on your server, you will need to install the Delivery Plans extension on your TFS 2017.2 or later server.

Thank you to everyone who installed one of the two release candidates over the past few months and helped us ensure that this is a high quality release.

Important links: Check out the release notes for a more comprehensive list of what’s new in Update 2 but I’ll list some of the highlights here.

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The first release candidate for the next major TFS release will be available within the next couple of months – for those of you trail blazers out there.