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Sex dating in sitka kentucky

Regarding sexual violence victimization, rates were 12 to 13 percent lower in the intervention versus control schools in years three and four, respectively.This translates to 120 fewer sexually violent events in year three, and 88 fewer in year four, indicating that sufficient time is required to see the ultimate effect of the training on violent behaviors.Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the study followed 26 Kentucky high schools over the past five years.Half of the schools were assigned to receive the Green Dot intervention, with the others serving as the study's control group.

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“We found that sexual violence can be prevented — this violence is not inevitable.

Adolescents and young adults can learn how to identify risky situations and safely intervene to prevent violence.” Sexual violence continues to be a serious problem for Kentucky teens.

Each person involved in the sexual activity is responsible for obtaining affirmative consent of the other to engage in the sexual activity.

Consent cannot be inferred from the absence of a “no;” a clear “yes,” verbal or otherwise, is necessary.

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Published this week in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, the study reveals the implementation of Green Dot in Kentucky high schools decreased not only sexual violence perpetration, but related forms of violence including sexual harassment, stalking and dating violence.

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