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The study objectives are substituted by analytical, consulting and project creating.

The institutions are classified according to its position on the market of educational services.

Both information and algorithmic supply are emphasized.

The example of the rational plan formulation is presented.

Thus, divestment makes companies rationalize their activities and properly specialize the assets.

INFORMATION DATA, ALGORITHM OF SELECTION AND FORMULATION OF RATIONAL PLANS OF EXTERNAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION The article describes the making of rational plans in a crisis enterprise using economic-mathematics modeling as a financial remedy.

The basic immigrant criteria are given, such as the educational level, Russian language knowledge, professional skills and qualifications, employment characteristics.

The subjective assessments of immigrant performance (work and salary satisfaction, the change in material stance, etc.) are analyzed as the basic factors of the immigrant territorial adjustment.

The data of both 2002 All-Russian census and the regional statistics is used.METHODOLOGY OF THE INSURANCE SCIENCE The basic guidelines of the insurance business are researched in the article; the methodological figures of the insurance theory have been analyzed; the issue of its reviewer is explored.The author creates the notion of ‘methodology of the insurance science’, researches the matter of insurance and defines the principles of insurance.THE CONCEPT OF SPATIAL CITY DEVELOPMENT The research analyzes the spatial development in Southern part of the Western Siberia from the perspective of a new regional and civil engineering policy, and the roles of cities as the metropolitan engines.The idea of the Western Siberia urbanized cluster development is expressed.

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