Rubber fetisch dating singles dating in mass

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Rubber fetisch dating

I have often heard, that guys have this kind of fetish.I am absolutely sure to have this fetish, because I become sexually aroused whenever I feel latex on my skin. We were watching a fashion show on TV and some of the models wore latex lingerie.Contribute your own or read through all types of erotica and short stories. Chat with other members on the Fetish Forum, use the Fetish Search to find exactly what you’re looking for. Upload a picture of yourself and tell everyone a bit about your kinks.There’s someone and something for everyone on!Unfortunately every seller is different so this can be hard to work with.The reason it's a problem is that latex is super form fitting.Whether you’re kink curious or a life-long fetishist, you’re in the right place. Meeting and keeping in touch with fellow kinksters has never been simpler.

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Also I often fantasize about being enclosed inside an inflated latex sleeping bag and I start daydreaming whenever I think of something like that. I did not tell her, that I have this fetish for rubber.

As I am only 17 and still live with my parents, I cannot live my dream. Sometimes I feel very lonely, because I cannot tell anyone about what I feel. I just talked generally that latex must feel good on the skin and that it would be nice to have some latex lingerie.

They don’t say ‘A picture says a thousand words’ for nothing!

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The thickness of the latex is very important, because if you get a material that is "too thin" it could tear easily.

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