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So it would come as a surprise to most that his cock flew to attention every time he saw her, because anyone would assume that he got laid whenever he wished. "Now, I'm going to tell you exactly what I want you to do to me," Rosia told him.But all he had wished for recently was to bury his cock inside Rosia's little pussy and fuck her for all he was worth. He loved how she said "to her" instead of "with her." He nodded – he was a teacher being taught by his student.Velasquez struggled to keep his mouth shut as he caught his thousandth glimpse of her glistening pink pussy.No one except him quite knew the power Rosia had over him.All Russian Amateurs is famous for being an inexhaustible source of free porn collected in one place from all porn tubes on web where sinful bitches and horny men are having sex on every erotic clip.Teens and mature lesbian sluts are waiting on you in free xxx video galleries. "Rosia, you're late." "Yes," she replied concisely. Somewhere in the back of his mind there was the thought of being caught and losing his job – the door wasn't even locked – but he pushed it away when he looked down at Rosia and saw her looking up at him through her pretty black eyelashes and pouting with her full, pink lips.

He shaved maybe once a week, maybe less, and his hair did that "I just fell out of bed and looked this good" thing that only a very handsome man can pull off. Velasquez's dick jumped and strained even more beneath his pants.Her entire body shuddered as she screamed his name. Her pussy was so tight and wet on his mouth – he couldn't wait to shove his cock into her.He tongue fucked her for a good two or three minutes before moving to her clit, which he sucked between his lips and he began kissing like it was her tongue.Her skin was golden brown and her wavy black hair fell to the middle of her back. She always smiled as she came in late, amusing herself with a little game – teasing her teacher with her short skirts, ample breasts, and lack of panties.Her face was always confident with a sly half-smile and long, batting eyelashes, but her demeanor was never rude. Today her hips swayed seductively back and forth as she passed his desk and bent forward in front of him to pick up a pen she had "dropped." Mr.

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When he leaned her back onto the desk, she didn't want to let go. First he took off her shirt, pulling it slowly over her head and then throwing it to the floor.

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