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13 of today’s leaders became the French Navy, 13 became captains of the Royal Navy, and the remaining guests took on the role of Nelson.Other historical references were also woven in, such as Dambuster Barnes Wallis’ reference to Nelson at the Nile as being the inventor of the first bouncing bomb; and the origins of the ‘Boy stood on the burning deck’ poem.By working with young people we hope to develop the spirit of Nelson within them. One of those textiles is a bodice alleged to have been worn by Marie Antoinette, the bodice is of blue and cream striped silk satin, lined with silk taffeta. It has also had a long life out on display and consequently has suffered from light damage across the front which is now very discoloured and in places almost in shreds.The bodice has been stored in a box with other items and is creased and squashed.For essential local information on the Leeds metropolitan area check out Leeds Online. For a guide to the historic city of York, please visit York Online.

We also looked at the role of “colours” in Naval Warfare – and the origin of the terms “showing your true colours” and “nailing your colours to the mast”.

The GNER (rail) route takes about around 5 hours from Cambridge to Edinburgh.

For a guide to Edinburgh see Edinburgh Online, which has articles on the Scottish capital and lists most shops in Edinburgh.

We also explored the origins of the Band of Brothers, and the rarely discussed 5 combat protocols (what you do when you come into contact with the enemy).

Interestingly I found afterwards from a special forces trained guest, that the SAS are today using something similar.

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Known as the jewel of the West Midlands, Birmingham is Britain's second largest city and has excellent shopping facilities, attracting over 20 million visitors each year. Bristol is about 3 hours away from Cambridge by car and is an excellent base from which to visit the beautiful South West England.