Nerd dating chicago

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Nerd dating chicago

The rest of the experience seems fairly self-explanatory.You have three minutes to talk to the person in front of you before the men rotate clockwise to the next lady.I guess the big defining feature of Sci-Fi Speed Dating is that you are at a convention and in theory (and from what I experienced, in practice) you are going on these “dates” with like-minded people.Instead of trying to figure out if the person you are talking to will understand your passion for Doctor Who, you just have to figure out which fandoms you share or don’t share. I don’t think I met my soulmate, but it was fun to geek out with several different people in a short period of time. Before the gentlemen callers were brought into the room, we ladies had some time to bond over both geeky and girly things.Over the last seven years Sci-Fi Speed Dating has produced an impressive number of marriages, engagements, babies, and relationships.

Prior to the start of the conventions I noticed that they were hosting Sci-Fi Speed Dating.Even though he was feeling under the weather, Ryan agreed to an interview, the notes from which are in a notebook that I’ve inconveniently misplaced.Fortunately, I have a relatively good memory and can tell you that Ryan started Sci-Fi Speed Dating after a terrible con speed dating experience.Harold Varmus, a Nobel Prize-winning cancer researcher, has got the geek chops, and yet he hardly acts the part of the quintessential nerd.Rather, he seems relaxed and affable, and with his first question, elicits a wave of appreciative laughter: “Who are all of these people,” he asks this evening’s host, “and why are they spending a weekday night in a science club? I ask Liz*, a willowy blonde artist in her early thirties, what brought her here.

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I was not unfamiliar with the company thanks to a 2012 TLC special and my own affinity for reality television.