Muslim girls dating usa

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Muslim girls dating usa

They are young and in love, she said, and not worrying about blending in to conceal their Muslim identity. “Growing up like that, you learn to keep your personal life a complete secret,” she said.

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The whole situation gave Iqbal, an Arab-Muslim who lives in Copiague, N. “I had to do everything behind my parents’ back [and] I didn’t like that,” she said.

Describing it as a religious symbol and not an obligatory dress code as Muslims believe, France has triggered the controversy in 2004 by adopting a bill banning the hair veil in state schools.Her mother was more worried that the photos did not reflect well on the family.The fact that Iqbal had been sneaking around seemed to come second.Her cousin showed the photos to Iqbal’s aunt, who later told her mother.“She was mad,” Iqbal, now 18, said in a phone interview.

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“It’s not that bad if they don’t let it get too far,” Shoukfeh said in a phone interview from his home in West Bloomfield.

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