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A journalist has to investigate in order for his facts to be valid.When a second source tells you the information is not true, then go back to the first source who broke the “news” to you and re-validate.These are in my own words, created from my experiences in real life and my search to better understand myself and others. Transgender people may identify as women, men, non-binary, genderfluid, agender and others!Gender: A collection of sociologically accepted behaviors that, by performing, designates you as male or female. Gender is something you do, rather than something you are. Many cultures have recognized transgender people in their communities for thousands of years.They either spend their time watching videos of other young people enjoying the sun in far-flung lands, or they save their money and head out to the far-flung lands themselves.More power to them we say – at least that’s what we to say.We breath a collective sigh of relief and make our way in, easing into our surroundings as we go.

I'm here to spread love and peace and healthy pay my bills, yo.The above screengrab from a Twitter account of a journalist has caused me to write this post.The tweet started the rumor that President Benigno Aquino collapsed hours before this tweet was posted and became the basis of subsequent news stories about the health of the president.In a lot of ways, Winter is truly the season for us ale drinkers.Whilst many will attest to the effectiveness of a quality ale during the height of our ‘English Summers’, I’ve always felt that they shine best during the dark, frosty days of Winter.

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Hence the post is a “news” tweet from a journalist, it was taken seriously by other colleagues in the media and the general public.

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