Marlena dating ryan new albany

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Marlena dating ryan new albany

Suddenly she doesn’t speak to me or acknowledge me at all.

Today when I went in for a sandwich and a drink she defaced my receipt with black market crossing out the identifying information so I can’t go on the website, leave a review and get a code for a free cookie. My local store is #2486-0 in San Bernardino, California.

Police asked if I ever been arrested before , I said never been arrested and do not have a record. Officer talked to William then officer called me away from my great nephew saying that if I don’t purchase anything at the particular time I cannot stand in Subway and can be arrested for loitering. I work everyday with the homeless population and know how to talk to people. That’s right, she got a deposit of ,000 on her pay card about a month ago. Reply this is how Subway handles customer complaints. i have been going to subway since they one location close to my house i visited almost every day for lunch,then at nights.a new owner comes in and things start to change,good help left,and portions of food that were served were half of a normal other location,and then when i got chicken sandwich it was all frozen solid put on a bun,and when i purchased 12″foot long new carved turkey actually 3 of them sub corp says at least 6 oz of meat.

I asked the officer if I could press charges against William (don’t know his last name ,officer couldn’t pronounce it). Officer asked if I got hurt, I said no but I do not know what he has in the bottle. officer went on to tell me that I was banned from Subway at 926 Chapel and Temple st. i got 3.5 and max 4 oz on 1 sandwich,so when i file a complaint with subway direct customers service complaint on their web site,what i got back in return shows how subway does not care about their name,or owners actions at this owner did to me was instruct his employees to make me the worse sandwich and short change on purpose so if i got mad i wouldn’t come his employee who likes me told me this,because i filed a complaint about him stealing meat from customers that pay for a .00 i here this and how my complaint was handled and ask customer corp service to help me out,because i complain about a store stealing portions for more profit and not getting what you pay for is theft by deception.

so i get a response from the owner now of this location today to my personal e-mail which i gave subway corp only,i get a threat from owner to stay away from his location,do not come back,and any more complaints i can speak to their woman who wrote this to me,is the woman who called me the first time i filed a complaint was very rude to me,and said don’t come here anymore because i filed this complaint,she got all of my personal info from corp,they shared my personal info with out my permission,then first i get a rude call from this woman,now i get a threat e-mail from her,and this personal info she used she got from subway now i guess any subway can do as they wish,refuse to serve a 64 year old man because i complained about them,and from start they didn’t like it,so in return i get made the worst sandwich that they told their employees to do,and all i asked subway to do for me was find out how this owner can make remarks to you,call you,and make comments to you,then send a e-mail now with a again all i asked subway customer service for was help.a war with a owner of a store that goes thru help,and cheats you out of portions,and does not train his employees you bring this to subways attention,i got real nasty results,instead of any customer service at by filling out a complaint,this is how subway this helps people out.thanks for reading Reply I’ve been a customer at my neighborhood Subway for upwards of 25 years.

The current manager had been very friendly until the past six weeks.

If you do not care who buys your franchises then there are better competitors to purchase from and there are more issues in the Subway then you are aware of. Jason has his sons working for him and these boys are calling girls sluts and bitches and he wont do anything about it and he decreased my daughters hours down to 1- 4 hour shift.

Then the Police walked in and told me that I cannot stand in Subway if not purchasing anything.

I told the officer that I patronize Subway all the time.

I was thoroughly impressed with how quickly and easy I could find my number-one lady.

I am happy I chose it and thank you for everything you are doing for me.

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