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Finnish dating culture

This is because they were already notorious for treating their company of women in a shallow, degrading manner.

What's worse is these women they kept company with supported their habits. Because that is "just how things are." It is the new cultural standard.

Growing up in a (very) small town, I see firsthand how devious and selfish we as a society have become.

It is rare to take a group of mid-20-year-olds and come to find at least half of them have not been intimate with another (or several) in their group.

I could be wrong, and maybe we will eventually get it together, but it's definitely worth considering.

– In both the professional and personal aspects of Finnish culture, Finns are self-sufficient and prefer to keep to themselves.

Finns tend to be very private and group work is not as popular as in other western nations.

A "bae" (before anything/anyone else) is what we now jokingly call someone we are interested in; however, we don't necessarily have to respect bae's feelings, or actually put bae before anyone else. By the time you are tired of chasing meaningless relationships and giving your body to those undeserving of it, the one you wish to pursue seriously won't reciprocate.

There is a gap in what used to be and what needs to be. My closest group of male friends in my early years of college would, quite literally, swap out their girlfriends in front of and behind their backs.

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It's likely people we have pursued before will be similar to what we look for in a potential partner in the future, whether we mean for them to be or not.

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