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Dark dating

She has no interest in selling any of them, they are very much for her to keep revisiting.

Mariya's most recent post from an inmate comes from the horrific white supremacist John King who, along with two other racists, dragged the body of African-American James Byrd Jr.

I walked by his bedroom window, and all the way in front of the house.

It is such a beautiful house, I would buy it if I could and live there. Mariya has bought glasses to match Dahmer's as well as had t-shirts made to look like one Ted Bundy wore.

I started realising later on, as started reading into their cases, that I was actually attracted to these guys, let alone their minds.

I think it's the fact I've always had these terrible fantasies about different things and I realised a lot of the guys I liked did things like that.

They speak every few weeks to a month on the phone and so far has plans to visit him sometime next year. They gave him life and he didn't really even participate a lot in the crimes. I got Jeffrey Dahmer on the right side of my rib cage. This always turns into me being called a racist because I like Dylann Roof. Mariya was perfectly aware of the crimes, their effects, and involvement of the men in these crimes, but they don't put her off.

The letter writing is a passion of hers that is so treasured, she broke down into tears at the thought of ever having to stop.

Jeffrey Dahmer, who raped, murdered, and dismembered 17 men and boys between 19, is the object of many of Mariya's fantasies.

She told me of a trip she took in May this year to his family home in Ohio where he committed his first murder. I don't know if you can see back here but there is a jar over there that has flowers that I personally picked from Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home.

I've got many pictures up on the deck, and on the staircase and down below.

I love being able to wake up and see the pretty flowers on my windowsill because I don't think anybody else has them, because I grabbed the only dandelion in the whole area of his house.

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I put them in a jar and keep them on my windowsill.