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With this one, I told the record company I needed the time to be inspired and want to do it again.I wanted to write something about my experience of being bullied on the first album but it happened when I was 15 and I wrote the album at 18 so I was still a bit too close to it. I don’t want to preach about it because I haven’t got the answer to bullying – it’s a problem that’s going to go on for generations to come because it’s in the psyche of people who are insecure about something and can’t deal with it.He has confirmed that the sophomore set will be better than the previous one for he's confident with the guest appearances in the album.Beside Craig, musicians collaborating for the album are Kate Nash, Blur's Damon Albarn, Vybes Kartel, Lemar and Leo The Lion. He described his new friend to have "an amazing ability to see everything around him" and "put that into his songs".I think of that and turn it back on them by saying, ‘Yes, and what have you achieved by shouting that? The second was more difficult – when you’re stuck in the routine of touring, lyrically it gets quite difficult to write.The only things you can talk about are hotels and aeroplanes, so I had to hold back from that and try to relate to things.I wanted to say I’ve experienced bullying like anyone else and show people who might be going through the same thing that it doesn’t have to affect you.

They put their problems on to someone else and make them deal with it.He said, "When making a track he really has something to say, hes not just about talking about the streets.He puts the time and effort into making a song and he has brilliant lyrics.I’m the first person to take the p*** out of myself and the guy was taking the p*** out of me and a million other people – that’s what the show was about.When people would ask me about it, I was like, ‘What’s the big deal? I knew I had to come back with an album of a certain standard, because if I came back with an album that no one was feeling, it would be like: ‘All we know Craig David for is being a massive face with a northern accent from a comedy series.’ Yeah.

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I went out and saw my friends, got back to DJing, bought a house and met up with my collaborator Mark Hill.

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