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Consolidating 403b accounts

You can have your traditional IRA or eligible employer plan send all or part of your money to the TSP.This is called a "transfer" or a "direct rollover." Use Form TSP-60, Request for a Transfer Into the TSP, for tax-deferred amounts. (Bill) Stuart Director of Strategy and Compliance Aug.18, 2016 HSA rules allow accountholders to move some funds from other tax-advantaged accounts into their HSAs.These rules give accountholders greater flexibility in managing their overall investment portfolio.They also reinforce the important notion that HSAs are an excellent savings and investment vehicle and should be treated as part of an overall retirement investment strategy rather than as merely a reimbursement account that provides immediate tax benefits.The same individual can withdraw 5 from an HSA to pay for the glasses tax-free.For most taxpayers, eligible HSA distributions buy about 20% to 30% more than equal withdrawals from a traditional IRA.

Use Form TSP-60, Request for a Transfer Into the TSP.While it’s possible to let each of these accounts continue growing on their own, this is rarely the best option for your finances.In fact, you would almost always be much better off taking your old retirement accounts, including 403(b) plans, with you.In this case, employees are wise to open an HSA with their employer’s chosen administrator.That way, they can receive employer contributions (not otherwise available) and make pre-tax payroll contributions (otherwise, they can make personal contributions that they can deduct on their personal income tax return, but they and their employer don’t receive a refund on FICA payroll taxes paid).

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(They were allowed briefly between 20, though the rules were written in such a way that few accountholders were able to take advantage of the provision.) What we’re reading How much is the lack of health literacy contributing to total health care costs? A column in magazine illustrates some examples and provides some sound suggestions for patients as they become more involved in the medical and financial implications of their health and care.

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