Can meditation help with dating

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Can meditation help with dating

It's forming new synapses, new connections, and getting thicker and stronger, kind of like a muscle. NARRATIONSo I've come to see neuroscientist Dr Neil Bailey.Dr Graham Phillips And will I feel at a sense of wellbeing or more relaxed or...? He's about to put me through a raft of rigorous tests to get a measure of my brain power at the beginning of the eight weeks meditation. NARRATIONFirst up, an EEG to measure my brain's electrical activity. Dr Neil Bailey Is it annoying but not painful at all?Most extraordinary though, my brain may even become more energy efficient.Dr Neil Bailey You're performing better, but your brain is exerting less energy. You might be able to do just as well in your job but be exerting less mental energy. NARRATIONBeyond enhancing my brain's performance, I also want to know if meditation can have an even more dramatic effect and actually change its physical structure.

According to Dr Bailey, I'll be better able to concentrate, make faster decisions and remember more information.

NARRATIONGrey matter is the darker tissue of the brain where most of the nerve cell bodies are.

The Harvard research found that grey matter increased in key areas, such as the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex, and temporoparietal junction. It's now breathing meditation and that's more challenging.

Dr Graham Phillips embarks on an eight week meditation course and undergoes a raft of rigorous brain tests and scans, to find out if the ancient art lives up to the current hype NARRATIONThe ancient art of meditation has moved out of the temple and into our daily lives. NARRATIONLondoner Nick Brewer is a yoga and meditation teacher. For 10 years, Nick ran a drug empire, smuggling cocaine out of Colombia.

It's practised by top class athletes, even taught in some of the most powerful corporations in the world. Ross Bunn I decided I was well enough to come off the medication. NARRATIONFrom brain scans to blood tests, from the psychological to the biological... Nick Brewer Essentially, I was quite a wealthy young man.

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Dr Richard Chambers And these are parts of the brain that help us to remember, to focus, to learn, to inhibit impulses and regulate our emotions. You're just focusing on that one thing, your breath, which I find very easy to get distracted from that.

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