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Recently, George and Annie were even spotted wearing lovers’ caps at the Disneyland in US.

At an event yesterday, George insisted that he was only good friend with his co-star.

As reported on Huaxia News Agency, while answering a question from a reporter recently, Annie revealed that she and her "Love Around" co-star, George Hu, have hardly kept in touch."We don't necessarily have to stick with each other now that we're becoming friends," said the Taiwanese actress.When asked if her statement meant that they were indeed dating and have broken up, Annie changed her words and said, "What I meant was that we were colleagues before.Now we're friends."The two stars have been rumoured to be dating ever since they worked together on the series, "Love, Now" back in 2012.The relationship update is that Annie and George were both in the US vacationing together earlier this month with a detour to visit George’s parents who live in the States.Netizens spotted them at Disneyland together in matching Chip-n-Dale hats and being openly a couple.

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There is a noticeable lack of fake pearl clutching that happens in Korea where even the suggestion of dating is called a “scandal”.