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About mandating

She said she felt compelled to support HB258 out of the hope that "I can keep even one woman from going through what I've gone through." The Huntsman Cancer Institute spoke out in favor of HB258 early in the legislative session.Google has been offering Android as a mobile operating system for close to a decade."And that is a national service bill that will require every young person, no matter how wealthy or how poor, to spend at least a year of their lives in service to this country, in a military unit, in a conservation corps unit, in a medical unit, in a teaching unit, in some way that they’re going to help to make this country better and stronger and have to sacrifice together and leave that with a shared understanding of who we are as a people--and no kid is going to be rich enough to buy their way out of it and no kid (interrupted by applause)." Co-sponsorship of a measure O’Rourke had already embraced the idea of expanding national service. That legislation doesn’t require any Americans to perform government service.A web search led us to learn that in June 2017, O’Rourke was among more than 150 House co-sponsors of the America’s Call To Improve Opportunities Now for National Service Act filed by Rep. Still, Owen Dodd in Larson’s office emailed us a summary stating the proposal would result in at least a million government-linked "service opportunities" and reward "young people who serve two full terms of service" with four years of their home state’s average in-state tuition.The resulting program, the summary says, would "help the nation address priorities in education, infrastructure, healthcare, disaster relief and poverty." Another mention of mandating service We spotted one other recent instance of O’Rourke speculating about mandatory service.In September 2017, he said in an interview with , the student newspaper at the University of Texas, that improved college affordability could lead young Texans to return to their home communities after college.

Together, you can decide what may be best for you," the statement would say.

An O’Rourke campaign spokesman, Chris Evans, replied by email: "He does not plan on introducing a bill to require mandatory national service.

Texans made their voices heard and he is listening to them." Our ruling In January 2018, O’Rourke said he soon planned to file a proposal mandating at least a year of national service for all young Americans.

O’Rourke then said that compulsory national service might be appropriate: "Maybe a next step is a national service program, which gives everyone the opportunity, or maybe compels young people to spend a year or two improving their communities.

And in exchange for that, there is the ability again to pursue higher education, or training, or an apprenticeship or certification.

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We galloped to fact-check a claim that the Democratic congressman seeking the U. Senate seat held by Republican Ted Cruz wants every young American to work a year for the government.

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